Create Your Way.

Designed for and by film professionals, TREETI offers a better way to distribute, monetize, and build an audience for your content.

Find Your Audience

Use our platform to identify an audience that’s perfect for your content. Screen movies with your fans. Create a direct relationship with key influencers. Build a following that travels with you from one project to the next.

Audiences are looking for great new content. We’ll help them find yours.

Own your data.

You can’t tell your story if you don’t know who you’re talking to. TREETI gives you full control of your data—purchasing, viewing, social engagement—so that you can make your marketing more dynamic and responsive, targeted to a highly curated fan base.

Our data analytics are intuitive, easy to read, and designed to reveal the strength of your content’s social influence, down to the individual level.

TREETI is your bridge to the next generation of moviegoers
—digitally native, fearlessly authentic, open to adventure.

Your Future. Your Way.

Our blockchain-powered platform eliminates middlemen, restores your content’s value, and gives you control of your creative destiny.

When your content streams on TREETI, you get real-time verification of every view and every viewer. You’ll never wonder where your revenue went… and you’ll always know how viewers are engaging your content, in real time.

Keep your data, keep your connections, keep more of your revenue. That’s the global TREETI.

Let’s Make a Connection.

We’re looking for people to help us build a better future for entertainment—creators, influencers, viewers, explorers, entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in taking that journey with us…